Typical motherhood

This is one of those moments that should be remembered and shared. When you’re in it you just want to pull your hair out but looking back it was hilarious !

I attend when I can Mops (mothers of preschoolers) meetings at my church and this particular morning I felt like I could tackle getting out of the house by myself with both kids in the middle of winter and making it there by 9:30 a.m. Mr. A dressed himself (jacket, shoes, hat, zipped up and all, sippy cup in hand) waiting for me by the back door. Me, gathering everything I needed for the diaper bag, coat on, baby in carrier and we’re oh, so close until Mancub wakes up screaming. I quickly realized that he wasn’t going to hold out for his bottle so-back to square 1. Coats off, bottle in then Mr. A says

“I have to go poo-poo”.

“Go” I say. Then a sigh of despair comes out of the bathroom – pee dribbled on the floor. I try to keep my cool though I’m sweating by now, put Mancub down, wipe and disinfect the wet tile.

“Thanks Mom” Mr. A says. I sense relief in his voice. “We can still make it to Mops” I say to myself until the big wet spot on his pants tells me I may have jumped the gun. Change underwear and pants and get dressed again. Jacket, shoes, hat, sippy cup in hand baby in carrier and out the door we go. Whew!

We did make it to Mops that day. A half an hour late but who cares? We had a great time and although it was a crazy morning I will probably remember it for the rest of my life. Sharing it just makes me laugh.


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