Growing a third arm and an eye in the back of your head goes together with becoming a Mom. But something else that’s part of the deal is the fact that you loose your independence as an individual. I think about that once in a while as I have conversations with people who I’ve known since before motherhood like my friend Tony with whom I’ve hung out a lot, been to concerts with (U2 – yeah!) and birthday parties. He and his wife Melissa still get to do that (they don’t have kids yet) and honestly, I miss it sometimes. I’m sad sometimes about not being able to do whatever I want whenever I want it and I get a bit nostalgic and melancholic. Pursuing my interests and hobbies happens whenever I can – like once in a blue moon.

But thinking about this in the midst of the sleepless nights and silliness, while practicing ABC’s with my oldest and burping my youngest I’m reminded that God called offspring as blessings. The hub hub and I have been given 2 boys to raise and we/I just try to do my best and sometimes fall short. But I’m so thankful and blessed by God’s promise in Lamentations that His mercies renew every morning. And I’m at it again, this parenthood thing. And we just keep going.


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