Kohl’s Children Museum

This happened waaay back in…well, too long ago to mention but I thought I’d post it anyway.

khols childrens museum

khols childrens museum

This morning we all went to Kohl’s Children’s Museum and got to see their “Clifford the Big Red Dog” exhibit. This was so exciting for Mr. A because lately he’s been watching Clifford on PBS. We had a great time playing and learning all kinds of cool things and around noon we had to leave since the museum closes fairly early on Mondays. We stopped for some lunch on this gorgeous sunny day (I’m so done with winter!) and headed home after that. No big deal – nothing too crazy, right? What I wanted to get to was his prayer before nap time. It went something exactly like this:’In Jesus’ name, (he always starts like this) we thank you for blessing us and thank you for Clifford and (Emily) Elizabeth. In Jesus’ name (again), amen!

How sweet is that !!!!

I wanted to make sure I write about this because just the other day I was trying to remember something from Mr. A’s baby days and for the life of me couldn’t come up with it. And now I can’t even remember WHAT exactly I was trying to remember. Talk about getting old !!!


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