First Outing

As planned, my hubbie and I had our first outing to taste some great food. We picked for no particular reason Anteprima Restaurant and wanted to try the vanilla panna cotta and check out the place overall. I was very pleasantly surprised. Located in the neat Andersonville neighborhood, the restaurant is on the ground floor of what looks like a residential building. We dined alfresco in the back yard of this construction and it set a great mood. Old fashioned string lights hung above, a knowledgeable waiter, a wide array of dishes made with bold flavored Italian ingredients, not too crowded yet great for people watching. They serve water out of swivel top bottles which they leave on your table. Ahh… what nostalgic memories of my childhood…  🙂

Back to the panna cotta – they were not serving vanilla anymore but a lemon one instead. And wow…It melted in my mouth leaving behind a refreshing taste of lemon flavored cream. Smooth as silk and without a single lump! My husband ordered the veal meatballs in saffron-tomato sauce with pine nuts and raisins and a baked dessert, all delicious !!

I say go try this place! This was actually one of my favorite dinner dates ever. Might have been those swivel tops?….Who knows.

Next up…The Burgeios Pig Cafe for their The Sun Also Rises sandwich.


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