Second Outing

For the second outing we went on a date to The Bourgeois Pig Cafe and I ordered their ‘The Sun Also Rises’ toasted sammie. It came on sourdough (they were out of sundried tomatoe bread) with hummus, turkey, swiss cheese and veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sprouts). Hubbie had Henry VIII (toasted sourdough, mayo, beef, salami, cheddar and veggies) which I liked much better than mine. Really straight up, nothing special which it maybe why I liked it so much more. I thought The Sun Also Rises was a bit too pretentious of a combo with not enough bang. I also thought the $7.95 for the sandwich a la carte was a bit steep. (It’s the neighborhood rent, I guess).

Bourgeois Pig 2nd floor

Bourgeois Pig Upper Level

The ambiance was… well, it was crowded. Made to look like an old house upstairs, there’s lots of antique furniture crammed into a tight space. You can hear people talking (not to you) clearly.

On a more positive note they serve delicious espresso drinks and homemade pastries. Tried the lavender shortbread which was very good.

All in all, it’s a cafe in a cool neighborhood great for people watching.


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