Sweet faces and sleepless nights

See that sweet little face? And those sweet eyes? And that cute button nose?

Don’t let them fool you!!!!

It’s gotten so bad I’m posting about it! Our sleeplessness, that is. I’ve been awake at night pretty early in my pregnancy the second time around. It’s a year later and I still don’t sleep. Last night topped it off though. For three hours, my husband and I took turns trying to get this little guy to go back to bed. This little guy is not such a little guy. He’s 1.

Did I mention that his older brother had bad dreams and he needed consoling too? Yup. Add it all up, about five hours all together. That’s it…

And now, I’m done complaining because I could use my time better. Like ummm….sleep.

note: Photo taken by our friend Jen C. Check out her site http://www.colesonphotography.com


One thought on “Sweet faces and sleepless nights

  1. Adina I love that picture of him. I was so happy to see you guys on stage getting him dedicated on Sunday. I don’t think I’m going to mom’s day out on Friday unless I bring the baby with. Long story. But I hope you get some sleep tonight! Will you be at church tonight?!

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