A Very Handsome Birthday Boy

Oh, the pressure!

Oh, the pressure!

A boy and his dad

A boy and his dad

Ahem, yeah! Our birthday boy finally gets his picture up! He is 1! (For a month now).

Happy Birthday, Mancub! You are a big boy now! I know, we should be getting rid of that pacifier but mama’s not ready. No, no. Probably because you’re not sleeping too well right now and throwing that pacifier out would just be too dangerous.

At the same time, your Dad and I are waiting for your first steps. You cruise around the room and take steps if we hold your hand but as soon as we let go you get down on the floor and start crawling. Today I got your little walker in the house hoping it would encourage you but I’ve got doubts. You just want to spin its wheels like you do with any toy whether it has wheels or not. Yup, you like to see objects turn-wheels, balls, animals. Anything, really. It’s your, how should I call it, signature move. Funny!

You’re a great eater and really fussy about where your water comes from. You’re worried if it’s a hard top of soft top-we’re talking about your sippy cups. Soft top, it’s a go. Hard top…not so much.

You’re really interactive and playful, sweet and cute, intense and chill at the same time and you love to hang out with your brother. You seem to like having him by your side and the same goes for him. It’s cute.

So, Happy Birthday, big boy! We love you lots!




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