Ben Stein's Expelled

The other night around 8 p.m. the house got quiet, the kids were in bed and the chores were done so the hub hub and I popped in a movie. It was “Expelled:No Intelligence Allowed” a documentary with comical inserts made by Ben Stein. It’s a controversial one about “educators and scientist [who are] being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired – for merely believing that there might be the evidence of ‘design’ in nature.”

We’ve just had elections a week ago and I got to vote for the first time as I became an American citizen last year. It was exciting and at the same time it got me thinking about about growing up in Eastern Europe during communism. I know of people who back then had to say and do the right things, who were beaten and interogated by authorities for their beliefs. It’s a scary place to be as a nation.

In the great USA we have great freedoms protected by the Declaration of Independence and I think this movie brings to light some issues we want to steer away from. Scientific evidence should speak for itself and if it leads to conclusions of ‘design’ in nature then so be it.

Ben Stein has a short blurb and link at the end. I encourage you to take two minutes and support freedom of speech. Click on this.


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