Yay, giveaway!

So, it’s been one year since the hub hub insisted I should start blogging (the poor man needed me to seek some therapy and this is what he came up with). heeeheee!!!

I started blogging when our youngest was a few weeks old (now you know why I needed ‘therapy’). The babe and the blog both turned 1!!!

So, to celebrate I will have a fun giveaway which is handmade by me. The mystery project over yonder in the side bar is a hand knitted blanket (33inx26in) which I will customize (you heard read that right) to your liking. You get to pick one fabric from one of these three below.

fabric backing

fabric backing

Then I will sew it on the back side of this blanket.

(baby) blanket

(baby) blanket

To enter, please leave me a comment (I love comments). You get three entries if you link to this blog on your site/blog. I will get a blindfold, randomly pick a winner and send out the blanket. Entries are accepted until Thursday, Dec 4th. Fun, fun, fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Yay, giveaway!

  1. adina- wasn’t sure how to link you to my site…but i am trying:) you are so talented! i need to make those gloves. joanns was having great sales on everything last week and i got some yarn to make some. we’ll see if i find the time:)

  2. Jeff, I hope you noticed the giveaway is a baby blanket. Oh, and our oldest is throwing up so only one of us will be at church tomorrow (at best).

  3. ok- i figured it out:) this blogging world is FOREIGN to me. too bad aiden is sick. hope he’s better soon. ok, so now i think you should just make me some gloves. hmmm?? 🙂

  4. Your work is amazing. I don’t know you but you have a talent. I used to knit and am unable to now. Your son in his sweater is very cute. Best wishes to you.

  5. Hi Dyann,
    Thanks for your kind words. I’m sorry you can’t knit anymore-I always say knitting keeps me sane in house full of boys. 🙂
    As far as our baby, he is quite a handful and his good looks only work towards his advantage. I will add you to the drawing.

  6. Hi Adina,

    It’s Kristina from NewLife. I got to your blog via Dani’s. Your knitting is amazing! How in the world do you find time with two little ones? I can hardly keep my house clean! Your kids are beautiful, it was nice to catch up on what you guys are up to.

  7. Hi Kristina, how are you? Yeah, my house could always be cleaner. You know…I seem to change my to-do list every 20 minutes.
    Anyway, thanks for your compliments. Do you have a blog? I’d love to see it. Oh, I’ll add you to the drawing as well.

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