What’s In Their Little Noggins?




I’m laughing hysterically because my 4 year old asks the question: “Are you a princess, mommy?”

“No”. I answer as I spray more cleaner on the microwave and get the last grit off the stove. What’s he thinking?

“Maybe Cinderella”. I want to continue my conversation but realize he doesn’t know about Cinderella because he knows Thomas The Train stories instead. So the whole thing becomes a monologue – ‘maybe I am a princess. Daddy’s princess. Cinderella becomes a princess in the end, doesn’t she?’

Then he goes on. “Are you married?”. I say “Yes I’m married to Daddy. Just like Miss R is married to Mr. J (friends of ours).

“Just like Naomi?” (his 13 month old cousin) he asks.

“No. You have to be grown up to be married.”

“But I don’t want to be married.”

“You don’t have to” I reassure him.

“[Mr] A just wants to be a big boy. (talks about himself in 3rd person). He doesn’t want to be a gentleman like Daddy.”

What on Earth…???


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