Here’s What’s On My Plate

The holidays seem to get us going-the cooking, the baking, the shopping, family, friends and before we know it we spin out of control and then remember that 8 letter word. Simplify. Easier said than done but I strive towards that and I try to refocus on what really matters. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

The other day I wanted to involve our oldest in some baking as he is quite excited about the whole process. He likes to bring along his universal baking recipe “1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of cinnamon and you mix it all up….”. It’s all so easy, isn’t it?


The alltime family favorite chocolate chip cookie is this one from Martha and how can it not be? I make half a batch and it calls for (ready?) 1 pound of chocolate!!

On this other plate I have some scraps from the quilt I’m working on. I’m dying to finish cutting and start sewing. It will take me a while but I think it will look great. It’s such a girly one!


So take some time, slow down and rearrange that to-do list. Bring it back to basics. Merry Christmas!


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