I’ve had a lot of people inquire about our trip to Legoland so I decided to post about it plus my hubbie encourages me to be part of the online community as far as reviews go. So here it is.

Friends  have asked me pretty specific questions.I’ve had a hard time finding too much info online so I’ll try to answer some of them.

::Where is it?

At Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL.

::Is it expensive?

It’s $19.50/adult and $15.50/kid age 2 and older so I’d say it adds up. (We had 2 free tickets). There are yearly passes you can buy which would save you quite a bit.

::Is it a store?

It’s a store and a Lego playland. This is not the californian resort that you can read about on the web.

::What’s there to do?

There is a small Lego jungle tour the kids can take and learn about the animals which are made from Legos entirely!! There is a Chicago skyline and downtown display made from all kinds of special Legos (it’s really cool, actually), there is a 4D movie theater, a very small ‘Lego factory tour’. All along the way there are movie characters like Harry Potter, Hobbits, Batman, Darth Vader, Blue Clues and such-all lifesize, all made from… guessed it, Legos.





Upstairs there is a cafe, a jungle gym, a big pile of giant soft Legos where the wee ones can play. Everywhere there are small tables with built in bowls full of Legos so you can take a rest and build something. The cafe room has Duplos as well and right in the middle there are trick slides. I’d say this is where the action happens. You build your car and test in on the slides. There is even a special Lego cart with an attendant who gives out whatever unconventional Lego you may need.



This is the only link I could find about the place. Overall it’s great for older kids to get creative and it offered a good time on a cold Chicago winter day. It can be a bit steep though.


2 thoughts on “Legoland

  1. I know, I know. Every time we’re in the burbs I wonder if you guys are home. But then time gets away from me and it’s too late and the kids are tired and we end up having to hurry home.
    The one time I did call, nobody was home. Maybe next time.

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