Girly Girl Quilt Top Finished

I’ve been hard at work for the last few days and a cough has kept us home for most of the time so I finished this girly quilt top. I like how it turned out.The squares measure 5″x5″.


Here are some of my favorites. Sorry, I rushed with the pictures since nap time will come to an end real soon.



On the same note I joined a quilting bee. Scary and exciting! It’s kinda like a quilting forum. You send fabric to a bunch of people and they each quilt a square for you and everyone takes turn doing this. It’s not the best way to explain it but I don’t want this post to be super long! Anyway, I get to download a button for my blog. Hurray! It’s the tiny cottage bee. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Girly Girl Quilt Top Finished

  1. *gasps out loud*

    That is sooo pretty and fun! I love the squares! So glad you’re joining the quilting bee.


    • Thanks. I’m excited as well to be in with such talented people! It will be so fun! Thanks for putting it together, Tina.

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