A Lazy Afternoon

I haven’t felt too chatty lately hence the long time between posts but I wanted to share this with you. The other day, our oldest brought his favorite “bedspread ” and a pile of books into the living room. He kicked his slippers and lounged on the couch reading books one after the other.

under his "bedspread"

under his "bedspread"

He looked all grown up reading and taking his ‘siesta’.

The “bedspread” is the first quilt I have ever made. I worked on it over the summer and I made it for my son from a sheet from the thrift store (the blue fabric), a baby outfit I saved and a new purchase from Joanne’s. When I made it, my intent was to give it a more mature look so he could take it to college with him yet not too grown up that he wouldn’t like it. He is 4 after all and I’m glad to hear him say “it’s my favorite bedspread, mama”. Success. The triangles were quite challenging and the size (especially for a first quilt). I did ask Amandajean at Crazymomquilts a bunch of questions and she so graciously answered them. Many thanks to her. By the way, the quilt fits a twin size bed.




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