One For Me

Do you remember I mentioned that I’ve been knitting for others until recently? My turn came up this time because it got down to the wire. We’re in the dead of winter and I didn’t have a decent hat until now. Don’t get me wrong I cast on a while ago but didn’t get around to finishing it and in a way I’m glad I didn’t.

unfinished business

unfinished business

The chemistry between me and this yarn just wasn’t there. I wasn’t excited about it and it needed to be used kinda thing.

And then I found a hat and a pattern here. Thanks, Leslie. Best of all it takes one hour to complete if you’re uninterrupted or a couple of evenings if you have wee ones that need tending to. What do ya think?

chunky knit beanie

chunky knit beanie

Well, I’m off to the kitchen. I’m in the mood for freshly baked bread.


3 thoughts on “One For Me

    • Thanks, you’re sweet! I don’t know about everything and I say that just as I got back from swim suit shopping. Not fun!

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