Capes and Superheroes

So we’ve arrived to this point. The super hero point. It’s such a strange thing to me because I grew up having one sister to which I’m very close, so I get girls.

Last week my son started pretending he was a superhero and would tie a small sheet around his shoulders and ‘fly’ around the house. “Well, he is a boy” I told myself, wondering where the superhero impersonation came from. Then I realized that “Word Girl” and “Wyatt” from Super Why both wear capes. Hmmm…What’s a Mom to do but sew one up? And I did.


I had a chance to use some scraps and that same sheet (the light blue one). I drew a star, a letter “A” and cut a circle out of felt and sewed them on the back, attached velcro and voila! He likes it. Each night he takes off his cape and hangs it next to his bed until the morning when goes about his superhero business all over


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