Yep, it’s strep

Here’s some numbers I’ll share because I’ve got nothing else up my sleeve.

::4 doctor appointments we’ve had this week

::3 antibiotic prescriptions in the household

::2 cases of strep throat

::1 child medication free

::0 healthy Greenwoods in our house because even the one with no meds has a cold.

And the saga continues but I will stop here. I think you’ve heard enough.

Hope you have a better week.

P.s. I’ve gotten new fabric in the mail from the cottage bee and I would share a picture but that sounds like too much work right now. It’s something to look forward to though.


5 thoughts on “Yep, it’s strep

  1. I swear EVERYONE is sick! sorry that it is strep I have had that and it is horribly painful.

    I am so excited to work on everyone else’s blocks! I am waiting for my fabrics.

    • Just Mike and I have it. Aiden’s fine and Caleb has an ear infection. Can you pray that his cough will stop? It doesn’t seem to let up even with antibiotics. Thanks Tonya.

  2. Ok, you counted down but forgot a partrige in a pear tree. I really do hope you all get better soon. Praying for you guys.

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