Ramblings, doings and craft shows

A friend of mine is a vendor at the craft shows around here and I’ve been meaning to start selling for a while now. It would be fun to have neighboring tables with her and hang out at the same time. The profits will be going towards my kids schooling so we’ll see.

But since the shows have just started I need to get my tucas in gear and get stuff done. Items I’m thinking about are:

::superhero capes like this one but a little bit tweaked. I just learned that another friend of mine is selling capes and since friends don’t do that to friends, I will work on monogramed  kiddie aprons in this same fashion. cape

::baby items

::nursing covers for new moms (which reminds me I have to make 2 for my friend)

::kitchen items and my quilts will probably be on display just because. 🙂

If anyone has any input, ideas or experience with this I’d love to hear more about it.

Wow, so many things to do in so little time! Bees, items, quilts. Do I have a severe case of trying to do too much?


One thought on “Ramblings, doings and craft shows

  1. A,
    My grandma used to make things out of old jeans. She made a blanket for me that was all different colors of blue jeans cut into 4×4 squares with a really soft batting (I think that is what itis called) for the underside. I love it. It is easy to do to. You can take the kids old jeans or M, when they get ripped up.

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