Emily the Strange

For my Cottage Bee I had to make a square based on Emily the Strange theme. I was a bit nervous about it and it took me quite a while to get it done. Well, here it is.



I felt like it was such a controversial,  contrasting block. Kinda like us sometimes. Dark and light, bright and cheery…ok, maybe I’m looking too deep into this.

Anyway, I wanted to stitch an outline of Emily and with the help of my best I.T. guy (my husband) I got it done. It’s subtle but  I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I could have used embroidery thread but that wouldn’t have been the right look for these fabrics in my humble opinion.


4 thoughts on “Emily the Strange

  1. It’s wonderful. I started work on mine last night. The fabric has been staring at me. I’m actually on my way out to buy some more black. I can’t help it, it needs it.

    I love your header by the way. We have the same WordPress theme and I need to change my header for Spring!

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