Daddy Time and Walks

Have I mentioned how glad I am that my hubbie is home for a few days? We love having him around. Mr. A told me (unprompted) by lunch time that he had a very fun day. He only says that after a playdate usually. Well, what did he do this morning? He played…with Dad. They played “Go Fish”, they played “farm” with Little People, he got to watch a video… Doesn’t that sound like a good ol’ time?

I had a productive morning which made me happy too. Ran errands, zoomed in and out of the post office (no kiddies to unload out of the car), stores and various establishments. And to top it off we went for a walk. All 4 of us. This was Mancub’s very first walk where he walked in big boy shoes. None of those soft leather soled ones. No, Ma’am! He kept wanting to walk the opposite direction or wonder off into people’s yards but he got it after a while. It was great and Mr. A got to ride his bike for the first time this year. It’s 62F as I type. Gorgeous! Oh, and we got to go to the Art Institute yesterday. But that’s a whole different story.


Hope you have a fantastic day!


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