In My Home

Oh, oh, am I dreaming? What do I see?

It’s Orla! On my dining room table. Well, actually her tablecloth. Wait, it’s my tablecloth! Ok, designed by Orla, purchased by me. Whew! I was starting to give up finding one as I do need another tablecloth. Ebay has them but for much more money than the stores and I wasn’t about to do that. And this chair needed a facelift. We got it for $3 at a garage sale. Looks pretty happy, doesn’t it?

Hope you have a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “In My Home

  1. I was about to ask another blogger to get me the tablecloth and ship it to me (and I would have reimbursed her through PAypal). I figured that since I’ve never met her that might freak her out. Talk about obsessive. 🙂

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