Sewing On Demand

I’ve noticed lately that there are a few things that I need to sew for around the house. You know, curtain ties, pillows, maybe a quilt for our bed which is a bit scary since it would have to be a king size (!). Stuff like that, more of the things we need because lately I’ve been sewing little, maybe not so practical projects. But man, are they fun!!

Anyway, I thought I’d start small with a coffee can sleeve. You see I keep my kitchen utensils in a humongous coffee can. (How glamorous). I couldn’t seem to settle on one look – modern stainless, homey ceramic so I went with the tin box and figured I would dress it up with fabric. Yay! I made the other day a reversible quilted sleeve for it.

I had grand plans (like a tutorial) but got interrupted and had to finish the whole thing after everyone was in bed. By then my concentration wasn’t holding up anymore so for now just some pictures.

reversible coffee can sleeve

reversible coffee can sleeve

...and the other side

...and the other side

And one random picture of a favorite branch which reminds me of my childhood. I spotted it when I took the kidlets to the park. It just whispered to me “spring is here”.


3 thoughts on “Sewing On Demand

  1. Now we’re talking (at least we’re in the kitchen)… The title of the site is “Wife, Mommy, Good Cook”. Now that the kitchen is decorated lets get’s some cooking stuff on this Blog!!!

    • Darling dear, there’s plenty of cooking going on like the almond, chorizo and asparagus dish you like so much, or the s’mores cupcakes for which I blow torched the topping. Remember? Like I said lots of cooking just not on the blog. Yet. So hang on tight and behave yourself, nkay?
      Love you lots.
      Your wife.

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