Swimming Upstream

For a short while I debated if I wanted to transform this blog into the place where I vent and journal and talk about the stuff that frustrates me, things that cross my mind and really want to say but I shouldn’t. Hmm! That would be dangerous, me thinks.

If you’re sensing a bit of frustration, you’re right. Just feels as if I’m trying to walk through molasses lately. Trying really hard and not getting too far.

Started working on a couple of things but the kidlets are-shall I say-a bit challenging? Yeah, that’s what I’ll say. That’s all I’ll say.

Remember the Big Chocolate Cape I was knitting?


Well, it’s halfway done and I’m not sure I like it. Here’s why.



rippled poncho

rippled poncho

See those “waves” close to the neck line? If they won’t come down after washing I may have to frog this. Ouch. It hurts just saying that. It’s my fault for not using natural fiber but this project requires so much yarn that I opted for cheaper acrylic which doesn’t drape so nicely as wool for example. Fingers crossed that the “waves” will mellow out in the wash. And for a better, smoother week. Cheers!


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