Cinnimini Miny Mo

I decided last minute to participate in March of the Tools that designer Heather Bailey hosts with one of the simplest tools out there. No rivets and screws, bolts or nails, no, no, nothing like that. You may have this in your cupboard actually. It’s a sugar shaker. In my case it’s a cinnamon sugar shaker. I’ve fallen in love with cinnamon. I put it on toast, oatmeal, cream of  wheat, apple slices, popcorn, pancakes or sprinkle it on yogurt with a few sliced almonds for a tasty snack. It’s delicious!

cinnamon sugar

cinnamon sugar

I usually mix 1part sugar to 3 parts cinnamon and put them in this shaker which comes from Ikea in my case but I’m sure you can find it anywhere. If you want to get fancy you can use Vietnamese or saigon cinnamon which has a more pungent flavor or stick with the regular stuff. It’s all good and my kids love it too. They can sprinkle away to their heart’s desire. You can obviously fill the shaker with other stuff-confectioner’s sugar, flour for a quick roux, a favorite homemade rub for meats or whatever your fancy. Hmm, I may need to buy another one. Enjoy this one-it will make your life easier.

Now…snickerdoodles anyone?


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