Bunny Bag

Here I am finally with an appropriate post for Easter. I tend to miss these ones because I do my own thing and then I regret that I wasn’t paying more attention.


This little number was brought by my son’s wanting an Easter basket from the store. Well, I took a deep breath, I picked up my eyeballs off the floor and said “Honey we won’t buy the Batman, (made in China-I didn’t verbalize this part) basket. Mama can make you one, ‘nkay?” He was cool with that. And while it has no Batman on it but the predictable bunny I’m pleased with it. It looks like an Easter item and not one from the Comic-Con Convention (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not my taste). I did make it as a bag instead of a basket. Living on the edge here, I know.

removable_bottomAlso left the bottom open on one side to be able to insert and remove a sturdy cardboard as needed. I used a fat quarter for the lining. The bunny is a pdf download from lollychops.com in her “bunny week” post.


The hardest part was sewing through the bulk of the corners with my Singer ‘dinger’. This one here turned out ok but you can still see it’s not perfect. If I had sewn an outside, an inside and connected them I wouldn’t have had to deal with this but I wanted to put the method (and the machine) to the test.

So if you have an Easter basket or a bag, a bunny or a Batman, really the celebration of Easter has to do with the sacrifice of Christ on the cross and His glorious Resurrection. These are things I’m thankful for and try to meditate on them.

Enjoy your Easter. He is Riesen indeed!


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