Katie and Katy

There were 2 blocks needed to be made for my Cottage Quilting Bee. This one is for Katie. I’ve never met her but from our internet “interaction” she seems really cool and she likes to run. The task was to make her these blocks of 2.5″ individual squares. I got a bag of green fabrics and this is what they amounted to. It was a lesson in precision as you couldn’t schlep ’em together. Seam allowances and lining them up were key here. It was fun playing with the various prints.


This one is for Katy and she’s a talented and easy going lady from UK. She sent the bird fabric in the middle of the square and gave us free reign (see where I get the easy going from?). I added something from my stash (pink one is Joel Dewberry) and this is the result. I took a picture of the birdhouse because I thought it was appropriate and it’s where I got the inspiration for the color scheme.

bee block for Katy

bee block for Katy

But wait, there’s more!!!She did say “free reign”. So I made this one. I’ll call this the official block. Of course she can choose whichever.

I will pop these in the mail soon.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Katie and Katy

  1. Love the bird applique. Something about that fabric she sent was very inspiring.

    Love the green block! Many of us in the group are improv quilters, good to get the old school skills in order!

    Didn’t run today, did Irish meal and drinking beer instead!

  2. Thanks. The birds “came” to me quite late.

    About running, I feel like I should clarify the fact that I am not a runner but really wish I could be one. I have a healthy respect for people who do it. I’ve got an issue with my left leg and I’m scared to push it but maybe I should ask a doc. So anyway, hats off to you for pounding the pavement.

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