Craziness Means…

…we spend most of our free time house hunting. We are in the process of selling ours and need to find something else to move into so a lot of research on schools, neighborhoods, taxes and so forth. Not fun if you ask me but hey…

Also because of it there’s not much sewing going on but I’ve managed to chip away at a quilt for a while now.

I’ve shamelessly stolen the idea from here. Amber is so talented and this quilt has quite a masculine look but I can see a girl (college age perhaps) sporting it too.

I was hoping my husband will like it but it’s not masculine enough for him so I will have to come up with something different since he keeps asking for a quilt.

I’ll be giving it a pieced back. Quiltig it will have to be quick and easy due to the aformentioned craziness. And I think I will have to pack away my sewing stuff  but NOT my knitting needles! Mu-ha-ha-ha!

Have a great week!


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