It’s Called Sanae And ER

Have you seen this? Why hasn’t anyone told me about it?

It’s Moda’s Arcadia Sanae.

Hello, fall quilt! I know, I know, we’re barely into spring but I just love this palette. I can even see it incorporated into a spring quilt. I’ ve got to get me some of this fabric before it’s totally off the market. I still can’t believe I haven’t stumbled over it until now.

On a different note we have had quite a week here. A trip to the ER during these times was the last thing on my wish list but when Mancub decides to flip into the air at 180 degree and land with a speaker on top of him I thought it was a good enough reason. If he only listened to mamas instructions. Ahhh, obedience…Nobody likes it but it’s for their own good.

bumpHe looks like he should be on Star Trek.


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