Kidlets All Around

Does this ever happen in your family? You go to the library and borrow 5 books, they end up mixed up with the rest of your child’s literature. It’s time to return them and:

a) you can’t find all the books as you rush out the door or

b) you can’t remember how many you’re supposed to return and inevitably one or two books are left behind, they end up late and yada, yada, yaa…

I solved the problem today. I made a kidlet designated for library books only. It hangs neatly in my son’s room next to his coats. I really like it. I could see making a few of these for gifts. The interfacing gives it a nice form and the instructions were easy to follow. I made it bigger and quilted the pocket. Just because.


My kidlets played in the backyard and I hung out with them for a bit as I pinned the top.

Then we tickled…


…played some more…


…and took some pictures.


Then it was time for lunch (um, no thanks don’t have a taste for grass) so went inside to eat.


Have a fun filled week!!


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