Boxes, Blocks and (Quilting) Bees

A lot of my time is eaten up by house hunting and packing our stuff for storage so I haven’t done much sewing lately. I’ve just been working on my quilting bee squares. This month we’re sewing for two members. Carolyn wanted these cute houses and they are adorable.

My first thought was “one day I will make a quilt like that” and that wouldn’t be too bad but then I got to that tree. See that small, little tree? Holy ding-dong!!! Paper piecing is just not my thing! All of a sudden I was acting like a dyslexic person with 2 left hands (which is bad if you’re a righty on daily basis). It turned out ok but it took me a long time to get it done.

And this block for Ashley Ann who wanted something “super scrappy”. It’s not finished yet but I’m letting it “speak” to me as I go. I love it so far. I almost wish I could leave it at this but it’s a measly 5″x5″. Ahem. It doesn’t qualify as a block.

Happy week-end everyone!


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