All over again

It’s been six years since we’ve done this-packed, hauled, unpacked, settled in and decorated. Back then it was just the hub hub and I settling into our new house. And then it became our home and Mr. A was born on a hot July afternoon and Mancub came three years after that and we planted a tree in front of the house to celebrate new life.

We held these boys and rocked them in the middle of the night, taught them their first words and watched them take their first steps, hosted playdates, blew bubbles and played in the pool…

“If these walls could talk…” my husband said earlier today.

They don’t but I would tell the family who will be moving in about the great times we’ve had here, about visits and friends we’ve had over. I would tell them that the floors tend to squeak under tippy toes and the oven runs on the hot side.

But then again they will start their own journey here and will probably find all that out on their own. And we…we will move on to a new house which will become our home eventually and start everything all over again and unpack and settle in and build new memories. Yes, that’s what we’ll do.

No pictures for this post. Just a few random thoughts…


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