This Morning…

I haven’t had this gorgeous cup of brew like this one. This morning I realized it’s been 5 days with no caffeine and I miss it. I miss it so…the aroma, the taste, the experience. So why give it up, might you ask. I’m hoping the daily headaches I’ve been having will go away too.


Yeah, there’s decaf but it’s not the same. You know… you’re the odd ball, the fuddy duddy, the pretentious one and decaf is not readily available.

Anyway, if no caffeine means no headaches then I’m willing to give it a try. We’ll see. Did I mention the above is my husband’s concoction? It’s better than Starbucks, I tell you!

On a different note, we’re blessed to be able to stay with my sister and her family until we find a house and the kids have been playing together like there’s no tomorrow.



We’re enjoying the back yard and the weather. Hope you are too.


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