How Have YOU Been?

Holy cow, where did the week go? It’s been busy here with life in general and I realized suddenly that it’s the week-end.

You know between my sister’s family, us and my Dad, there’s ten of us in this house so life can just get hectic. Occasionally you’ll find someone having a meal on the deck or hanging out in the basement looking for a piece of quiet. Most days though the kids are in school or playing and adults stay busy with work and various tasks around the house.

I’ve been hemming the occasional pair of shorts and capris since the Singer “dinger” is in the house too. Does that make us eleven? Nah, it’s not nice enough of a machine to earn a whole spot but I must say it has been so nice to me since we’ve been here. Nice tension, smooth and quiet bobbin almost unrecognizable. My sister says it’s probably because it sits upstairs on the second floor instead of  the back porch like it did at the old house. Movin’ on up, you know?

Now if we could just get a contract going for a new house that would be good. We’ve made 6 offers for 6 houses and they fell through for one reason or another. My favorite one is when another buyer makes a cash offer because they just have hundreds of thousands of $$ sitting around. Huh?!

Anyway…still waiting to hear on others. Oh, and here’s a shot of my quilt along progress.


Hope you have a great week!


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