Cottage Quilting Bee Instructions

Hmm, coming up with directions when you have a finished project  in mind isn’t the easiest thing…I have a new appreciation for pattern making.

So here is what I’d like to have made for my Cottage Quilting Bee. Imagine a block made out of 2 big triangles (sewn together on a diagonal) which in turn will be made out of horizontal strips of fabric. So that’s what every bee will get in their packages-a bunch of fabric strips.

You can add fabrics from your stash if you’d like just steer away from reds and purples and no embellishments please. Everything else is fair game. Solids (yes please), prints, oranges, yellows, baby blue, greens-you get the gist.

And because I’m so tech savvy (not!) here is how the directions will look like. Let’s start, why don’t we?

You will need 7 fabric strips per triangle.


14.5″x2.5″              12.5″x2.5″          10.5″x2.5″             8.5″x2.5″           6.5″x2.5″                 4.5″x2.5″             2.5″x2.5″.

1.Build your first triangle by sewing the strips in descending order from the bottom up and lining them to the right like in the high tech picture below.

d12. Using your rotary cutter cut off the jagged edge at a 45 degree angle like below and you will get half of your block.

d23.Now let’s make the other half working the opposite direction OR just do the same thing and flip it upside down. I will just post pictures for clarity’s sake.



d5Please give a shout out if I missed something or for any issue/question/concern. The block should be around 14″ or 14.5″ not sure with all those darn seam allowances.


6 thoughts on “Cottage Quilting Bee Instructions

  1. you are so talented. Mike told yesterday he wants me to start weaving in my spare time! Ha. I told only if you could do it too. He said you don’t have free time 😉

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