We Made a Birthday Cake and Counted to…2!

Mancub turned  2!

So I put on an apron and started baking a birthday cake-white with bittersweet chocolate frosting. I can always get away with bittersweet chocolate this way…the kids won’t eat it by itself but I can add it to frostings…for now.

I felt very feminine and content stirring that batter and although I was not the most attractive thing on the planet with my round belly sticking out I felt like I belonged. It was the strangest thing…I can’t explain it but it felt good and really peaceful.

But this post should be about the birthday boy, so…As he turns 2 Mancub is surprising us so much!!! He can recognize 80% of the capital letters, sound out a few, recognizes some numbers and can sing the alphabet. The boy has paid attention to his older brother’s homework and it paid off. It’s interesting because he started looking at books only about 2 weeks ago! And believe me, we’ve been trying for much longer than that.

Let’s see-his eating habits are not the best. He likes carbs, meat, some dairy, one pot meals and is a huge snacker but won’t touch or even hold a fruit or a vegetable. Except for when he’s trying to experience texture – then he’ll touch the fruits to his cheek. (We’re sure to wash our apples and pears well). Mancub, you are something else! You are charming and sweet and let everyone know when you don’t like something. You brow frowns at the slightest inconvenience. I can truly say that you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are also becoming more affectionate which is really, really nice.


We love you little man!




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