Lingerie For Your Feet

That’s exactly what they are…those hand knitted socks. Our church secretary told me that. And you thought church ladies are prude!

I needed some help with this year’s Socktober Fest project and went to the church secretary because she’s a fantastic knitter. She remembered the first time she knitted a pair of socks and the hurdles of the experience but in the end it was all worth it because “they’re like lingerie for your feet” she said.

One thing I will tell you is that I probably won’t be able to knit socks and give them as a gift. The process is quite involved and I will want to keep them for myself in the end. And I think I will use a simpler yarn because the different colors take away from the beauty of the pattern.

Before I go I wanted to say a big thanks to Kirsten of Through The Loops for her awesome job of coming up with a new pattern every year that keeps us in suspense until a new pair of socks warms up our hearts as well as our toes.


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