Of Life And Food

Not long ago I had the chance to savor this book.


It reminded me a lot of the way I grew up, my Mom’s cooking and the slower pace of life from Europe. Molly talks about her parents cooking and daily gatherings in the kitchen preparing meals from scratch and enjoying each other’s company sifting through the day’s events. I liked that a lot.

It also reminded me of simple breakfasts like toast with plum butter and tea, cold cuts with cheese and vegetables for a more elaborate spread and my Dad’s omelettes on Sunday mornings. I had to laugh at Molly’s confession of secretly longing for a bowl of cereal as her “parents kept a tight lid of processed foods” because I didn’t even know what cereal was at the time since our grocery stores had basic things like bread, milk, sugar, butter, rice, etc and maybe some preserves. For produce and cheese we went to the (open) market and there you have it.

On a slightly different note I tried some of the recipes. The Roasted Eggplant Ratatouille was fantastic, the Fennel Salad With Asian Pears and Parmesan was surprisingly tasty and the Tomato Soup With Two Fennels was so fresh and bright that the rest of the fam enjoyed too (which says a lot).


I think I will slowly work my way through more dishes as they are easy, quick and quite healthy for the most part. And they’re perfect if you’re stuck in a rut as far as meals go.


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