The Practical Kind

I love a good sewing project that ends up getting a lot of use and I especially love a project that solves an issues and makes my life easier. Case in point, this baby carrier cover I whipped up.

This is how it all started. The babe will be coming beginning of next year  and I remember I used to lug around my other kids with a blanket over their carrier. It was ok except it was hard to hold with the blanket covering the handle or the baby would end up with a blanket in the face if it was draped underneath it. And if it was a windy day, forgetaboutit!! See the issue?

So I found this tutorial if you want to make one (I just used the measurements and winged the rest of it) and add velcro, snaps, buttons or whatever to keep the cover in place. Best part, it solves my issues so I’m pleased with the results and it takes no time (if you’re uninterrupted).

double sided

I have a whole list of these projects. I’ll share a great easy one next time.

Enjoy the weekend!


4 thoughts on “The Practical Kind

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this! My husband and I are expecting our first baby and I’m excited to make things for the little one, this looks very handy!

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