…is starting off pretty well.

The Hub, Mr A, Mancub and I ventured into the nearest superstore in search of an item which we have agreed we could no longer ‘live’ without. After much pondering, measuring and calculating we came home with this.

A wonderful much needed wardrobe. My awesome hub worked so hard and put that together all by himself. It’s heavy. And it’s cumbersome. He’s so great!

Our last couple of boxes got unpacked finally and now we have a place for all our clothes including winter, summer, pregnancy, clothes that fit B.P. (before prego) and clothes that I hope will fit one day (again)…hmmm…but that’s another topic.

And remember this post? Big news! The dishwasher is coming tomorrow! Tomorrow, people!! I may have to do a dance pregnant and all but for sure will bake something celebratory.

hi, it's me!

Happy December to you all!


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