Random Things And Rambles

With the usual busyness of this season I find myself forced to slow down due to the eighth month of pregnancy and you know what? It’s not so bad. Twist my arm, right?

People are running around, standing in line, baking, cooking and then there’s me happy if I can mop the floors you know what I mean? So for a little entertainment I surfed the net and here are some fun things I found.

::This will be framed and hung in our bedroom in a little corner that needs some TLC. It’s makes happy looking at it…

::This makes me wish I had girls so badly…I suppose I could adapt it into a little boy’s quilt

::This is on my to-do list. Right now I try everything I can to make me wanna take my roundness in public (especially at holiday parties). Accessories, anyone?

::And I want one of these maybe for that corner I was talking about.

But for now I’ll just grab a cup of chai and do one of these. No nonsense around here. 🙂


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