A Tip And A Quick

But we’ll start with the quick, shall we? I whipped up these swaddling blankets for the new babe and they go pretty fast. My babies liked to be swaddled when they were teeny tiny and it takes a big blanket for the job. Something not too thick and not too slippery of a fabric. Flannel works great for this.

Coming in at 44″x40″ they are large compared to what you’ll find in the stores but size matters here. It helps keep those wee ones snug as a bug in a rug, wrapped up like a burrito or eggroll…or whatever…

And the tip…if you have same color towels for the whole household and if you’re trying to keep everyone’s germs to themselves you can use the washcloths as kid hand towels.

Sew a loop of ribbon in a corner and assign each kid a color (blue for Adam, yellow for Philip, etc) and hang them where little hands can easily reach.

Don’t forget to tell Adam and Philip which color they get. Better yet let them choose their own ribbon and give instructions about the new setup.

We are on the mend here from all the sickness. It’s a slow process but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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