Pro Or Con?

Being an ESL person has its pros and cons. I think it works in my favor most of the time especially since I moved to the US as a young adult. I’ve lived more than half my life in Romania so I have a different perspective on things at times and some added insight.

But I will admit it-sometimes when I translate things into English and apply them to a situation they just don’t make sense culturally but they do leave my husband with his jaw half dropped. And then I have to clarify myself.

Case in point-Valentine’s Day. We don’t celebrate that in Romania because you know, when you’re poor financially challenged you don’t rush to buy chocolate roses, cards and candy just to give away especially to kids in your class. One may throw a slab of bacon on the table and say ‘what’s for dinner, woman?’ (See the added insight?)

So when I found out that Mr A will exchange Valentines at school I immediately thought ‘goodie bags’ and got to work until my hub said to me “He will have the nicest Valentines in class”. And I’m thinking to myself “We’re not that rich,honey!”. Turns out a kid’s Valentine is a fill-in-the-blank piece of paper. Well now, you decide which one you’d rather get. The aforementioned piece of paper or one of these?

Have you seen the stacking color crayon kinda thing? Oh, it’s cool!!

So as I type this at 5am I’m wondering if in this case the ESL thing is a pro or a con. Should I e-mail the teacher, change plans or just go with it? I think I’ll leave it. My poor son will stand out because his mama went to school half way around the world. Better yet, wait until I’m old and have dementia and I will forget how to speak English. It’s my husband’s biggest fear.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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