Yep, that’s what we are these days. Having had a baby and a surgery within 2 weeks we are recovering, feeding, burping, holding and diapering around here.  I realized I just had my 100th post and I was planning a giveaway but it will have to wait.

I’m just popping in because Tonya gave me a  Beautiful Blogger Award and….I wanted to thank the academy, my friends and family for their support and believing in me…just kidding.

I do want to pay it forward and mention other blogs which I enjoy and think that are beautiful.

1. Leslie captures everyday life beautifully through the lens of her camera and has some awesome knits to share.

2. You can find some nice free downloadable  prints here (they look great in a frame). There is  one for every month  in the sidebar and also share in the beauty of a mother and her relationship with her daughter.

3. Emily is hilarious. She loves God and she loves her kids. She also takes awesome photos. Check out her blog.

4. If you’re in the mood for some inspiration Amy is your girl. Warning! I’ve cried while reading her blog before.

5. J is a good family friend and I like to see him share his faith and life.

6.And if you have time for a little time for crafting then stop by Blair’s to see cool low budget craft ideas and you may even be inspired to redecorate your home.

Speaking of crafts and time I miss making but right now things are too busy. There is a body pillow in my room that needs a pillowcase though… A girl can dream, can’t she? Just kidding. Not really…

So that’s that. I will be back at some point with that giveaway so check back.

Have a great one!


One thought on “B.U.S.Y.

  1. Can’t wait to check out those blogs. J already got an award from me and he isn’t going to do anything with the one you gave him either he is such a punk! But I will let him know you think he is beautiful too 🙂 Glad you are back to blogging sorta!

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