I Felt Alive

This past week Sprout went for a sleepover at my sister’s house (she’s an angel of a woman that one) and I got to sleep. SLEEP, people! Almost all night. Mancub had some nonsense of a bad dream but that was a quick pat on the back and he fell asleep again. I felt alive again. We had some nice weather and the older kids played outside almost all day because I could take them places on a whim.

I also got to work on a small S.O.D. (sewing on demand)project and you know those are my favorite because they are needed around the house beside giving me great joy while making them. But more on that later. Just a sneak peek for now.

We also baked this week and cooked…like… real meals instead of robbing the freezer of whatever we find edible. More on that will follow too. At least we hope to eat. And share.

See you here again next week hopefully. Enjoy the week-end!


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