Those Trees…

I already miss them…Well, one of them and I think I will miss it even more this summer when the heat of the sun will scorch our backs, when the kids will not want to play outside because it will be too hot, when the humming of the air conditioning will go on and on.

You know, our old house had no trees around at all and when we moved here I was so excited. “We have shade” I told myself.

Well… today they are gone. Almost gone anyway. One of them had to be cut as it had problems and was dangerously close to the house but the other just needed a good trim. Mr A just started to climb it the other day and was so exited about it!

It was a keeper this one. I begged, pleaded, resoned and fought to no avail.

I know this is mostly a crafty blog but this mama needed “a shoulder” to cry on. So it’s farewell tree. We’ll miss you.


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