The State Of Affairs

Well, friends, this is a dreaded post but it has to happen.

You mamas (and dadas) out there know that parenting is a depleting job and parenthood is why some eat their young. I’ ve considered it but nah…

In this stage of our lives I am exhausted, frustrated with little to no help and I feel like venting in most of my posts but who wants to hear that? My wish for this blog was to be inspirational to share with you some of my endeavors and document some of my family life for me to look back on but truth be told I’ve been trying for a week to sew 3 buttons on a pillowcase and take a few snapshots to show it off. It still hasn’t happen. I’ve been meaning for a giveaway but that hasn’t happen either. Life with 2 kids under 6 and a newborn makes me feel like I barely hang on by the straps of my boots. Sleep is  a rare commodity these days and while the thought of doing speed crossed my mind it’s another nah…

So I will take time off from here until things settle down and we sleep more at night, when (full time) school will be done for my hub and I feel more human like. I may participate in a craft fair or two over the summer and that’s a big question mark as well. If I do I will post here when, where and what and maybe I’ll try to finish off the projects that are so close to being done (like those 3 buttons I talked about and others).

And because I hate posting without pictures here’s a shot of Sprout looking all sweet and snugly.It’s not the most recent one but it’s one of my faves.


6 thoughts on “The State Of Affairs

  1. Oh Adina, hugs to you. Lack of sleep really sucks!!! We’ll still be here reading your posts whenever you post. Real life happens, sometimes blogging doesn’t fit in. You wee sprout is looking so gorgeous!! Makes me so clucky. Enjoy 🙂

  2. viv, you are so sweet! it’s the strangest thing though. i lie in bed and think about things and say to myself “i could blog about that”. maybe i have blogger’s withdrawal. hmmm….
    hope all is well with you.

  3. 7-31-10: Found your blog and wanted to wish Aiden a happy birthday. Hope you are somewhat rested now.

    We miss having you as neighbors.

    Renee & Dave

    • Thank you for the wishes…I will give him the message! We/I am definitely more rested now yet still waiting to sleep a whole night. Soon, I hope. Say hello to Dave. Hope all is well.

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