Here He Is…Remember Him?

I posted my last picture of Sprout when he was still so fresh and new and I was  so tired…but we’ve made it and here he is now with a big thick yogurt  ‘stache (sort of). He is such a happy baby and a hyper one.  I’m bracing myself for when he’ll take off running!

Another look at that cute face and magical lower lip yogurt mustache.

Messin’ with Daddy’s guitar…he’s not supposed to touch it but is so fascinated by it or anyone who will play a song for him. Not kidding. The other night…eyes glued to Grandpa for the entire 20 minutes while he strummed for Sprout.

And he can be usually found in his high chair working on a very generous helping of cheerios served to him by Mancub. Hence the generosity…because who else will give a small mountain of cheerios to a baby?

And once in a while he sleeps and we take a deep breath…and at that point I don’t know if I should put my feet up or start doing as much as I can around the house. You know, like a crazy lady.


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