Matinal Granola

Mat-in-al adj.       Of or relating to matins or to the early part of the day

So early, that in fact most people can be found sweetly dreaming and snuggling so warmly under their covers right about now. It is 4:23 a.m. as I type this and I’ve just finished measuring my ingredients for the awesomest granola.

ready baked and eaten for lunch

You see, I’m up every night with a certain baby who still wakes for a bottle and companionship (I suspect) and I shuffle my way into his room, feed him and then we both go back to bed. This morning I was woken up by another little boy whose nickname here starts with Man and ends with Cub (ahem). By the time I was finished addressing his issues I was wide awake, tossing and turning and unable to go back to sleep.

Looks like I’ll have a tired day coming up and I don’t want to take naps if I can help it. I don’t have time for naps, people! I’ve got things to do, things to make, things to read. So why not? Let’s start doing then…measuring, preparing and getting thing ready to bake hopefully after the sun rises ’cause right now the moon is staring me in the face. But first, it’s bottle time…I hear stirring in the crib. I’m not even kidding you…wish I was. Be back shortly.

Anyway…back to the granola. I’ve made other recipes before but this is my favorite. Not too sweet, not too many ingredients and not too much oil…It’s lovely and mild. You can find it here.

Now I’ll make my way back to bed and will get up in an hour or so to get the peeps ready for school. Oh, joy!


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