Brought To You By The Letter P

Funny, today is Wednesday so this appropriately could be a wordless Wednesday post. But no, oh no! This, my friends needs to be preserved for posterity.

I will spare you the details since I’m nice and I don’t want you to lose your last meal but I will tell you that yesterday was dedicated to dealing with a bunch o’ poop. We brought out the big guns, namely, a carpet cleaner, disinfectants and everything in between. All this because Mancub refuses to use the potty for number 2. He knows how (because he did before while protesting with all his might) but doesn’t want to. Simple as that. And sometimes a pull-up just doesn’t cut it anymore.

goess what? it did not smell like this

Tap, tap. Is this thing working? You still there?

Anyway…you, blessed soul, it wasn’t pretty…it was smelly and gross. And I don’t want it to ever happen again. To no one.

The end.


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