We Made Snow Ice Cream

Whaaa??? Yep we did. Kids are home from school today and we just got a nice fresh layer of snow (and more to come) so I thought this could be fun. It was a hit and so, so easy to make. I remember my parents telling me not to eat snow when I was a kid but it was probably so that I wouldn’t freeze while playing outside.

No, darling…eat to your heart’s content. This is what we did just in case you want to give it a try.

this is my snow collector

Prepare the ingredients (minus the snow) ahead of time. Go outside and get some snow in a big bowl – estimate a gallon or so. Skim just the cleanest, whitest from the top. Don’t go digging.  And here are the rest of the ingredients:

1  1/2 c milk

1/2c sugar

1 t vanilla.

Mix everything carefully and work kinda fast. Scoop and savor.


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